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What is a Landing Ramp?

A landing ramp is designed to provide a safe and accessible path for people and vehicles to move between different elevations. Landing ramps can be found in various settings, from airports and marinas to residential homes and commercial buildings. They are typically designed to accommodate specific vehicles or equipment and are constructed with safety, durability, and accessibility in mind.

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Landing and Ramps for Porches

One common use of landing ramps is to provide access to porches and other elevated outdoor spaces. For many people, porches are an essential gathering place for family and friends, and they can also provide a comfortable space for relaxation or outdoor dining. However, if a porch is elevated above ground level, it can be difficult or impossible for people with mobility impairments to access it.


Many Greenbrier county homeowners install ramps connecting their porches to the ground to address this issue. Our ramps are typically constructed from durable materials such as wood, concrete, composite materials, or meta. Landing and ramps are designed to meet local building codes and accessibility standards.

Wheelchair Ramp with Landing

One common type of landing ramp is the wheelchair ramp. These ramps are designed to provide a gradual slope that is easy for wheelchair users and other mobility devices to navigate. To ensure safety, wheelchair ramps must be constructed with specific guidelines in mind, such as slope, width, and railing requirements. 


A critical feature of a wheelchair ramp is the landing. A landing is a level platform that provides a resting place for wheelchair users, allowing them to turn around and change direction if necessary. Landings are typically required at the top and bottom of the ramp and at any turns or changes in direction.


When designing a wheelchair ramp with a landing, it is essential to consider the specific needs of the users. This includes factors such as the size and weight of the wheelchair or mobility device and the user’s strength and mobility. Walnut Hollow Construction makes it possible to design and construct a wheelchair ramp with a landing that meets your unique needs providing safe and accessible access to your home or business.

Landing Ramp Construction

When constructing a landing ramp, it is crucial to consider safety, durability, and accessibility in the design. The type of material used for the ramp will greatly impact its durability. Common materials for landing ramps include concrete, wood, and metal. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice will depend on factors such as budget and your intended use.

Ramp Slope 

 The slope must be gradual enough to allow for safe and easy navigation but not so steep that it becomes difficult or dangerous for users. Generally, the maximum slope for a landing ramp is 1:12, meaning that for every inch of height, the ramp must extend 12 inches.

 Other important aspects of landing ramp construction include the width of the ramp, the height of any railing or guardrail, and the location and size of any landings or turns. Working with a qualified contractor like Walnut Hollow Construction makes it possible to design and construct a landing ramp that meets your specific needs. 


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 Landing ramps are essential to many buildings and outdoor spaces, providing safe and accessible access for people and vehicles. Whether a porch landing ramp or a wheelchair ramp with a landing, these structures must be carefully designed and constructed to ensure safety, durability, and accessibility. By working with ramp builders like us you will be able to create a custom ramp specific to your needs.